Getting Started....

Cashmere Nepal Pvt. Ltd is an associated Enterprise of Everest Pashmina Knitting & Weaving Industry, one of Nepal's most esteemed export houses; Pioneering producers of Pashminas since 1990 ( ). Cashmere Nepal started as a small department within the Parent Company to produce Knitted Cashmere Scarves for customers who were already sourcing Pashminas. Today we have grown to being able to position Everest Pashmina as a “Purveyor of Prominence” in the Cashmere Apparel sourcing business.

Our vision is to be a market leader on “Niche Production” as opposed to “Mass Production”. Our business module is “Specialization in Diversification”, .i.e. production is carried with a personalized attention to detail that each of our customers’ would expect individually.


This translates into design variation in our customers’ collection, bespoken delivery schedules, superlative quality control in an easily accessible, understandable, arms-length working environment.

Our Production Plant situated in  the outskirts of Kathmandu valley is a state of the art facility equipped with machines from Mier & Cie, Terrot for Knitting & Ferraro (SPA) for finishing; epitomes of quality in the industry. All Codes of Ethical Production are observed to heart and a perspective of People Betterment is enshrined….