Getting Started....

Cashmere Nepal Pvt. Ltd is an associated Enterprise of Everest Pashmina Knitting & Weaving Industry, Nepal's most esteemed export houses; pioneering producers of Pashminas since 1990 (

We are niche high end Producers. In our production module of “specialization in diversification”, we provide personalized attention to detail that customers' would expect individually. Our every day work of samplings, production, deliveries, quality control - are all done in an arms-length working environment with the customers’.


The factory is located in the South Western corner of the Kathmandu Valley in Lalitpur district. We have 350 Employees. We Knit, Weave, Print (Both Hand Screen and digital), Dye, Tailor, Hosier to the highest standards of the Cashmere Industry.

All Codes of Ethical Production are observed to heart and a perspective of People Betterment is enshrined. As, luxury Knitters and Weavers the Ethos of “Employees first” – is a winner.Our Employees make our customers happy. We simply make sure that they are happy – first.

Environment friendliness is a Key Goal. Waste Water Management, solar energy, bio-fuels are - in fact- cost effective and efficient. The Longer term perspective helps a lot. We take Fresh Natural Himalayan water from our hills, so we have our interest in protecting the Hills and foliage that provide it.